Deland's Automatic Playing Cards

Type: Close-up sitting, Walk-around

Skill Level:

Retail Price: $5.99

Effect: This is a utility deck of cards that can make even the most amateur magician look skilled. Marked and Stripped, a wide variety of tricks may be performed utilizing these features. Some examples include, cutting to a person's selected card over and over, triumph effects, even a variation on the invisible deck.

Performance Time: About 2-5 minutes (or more, depending upon the routine)

Reset Time: Less than 30 seconds


Quality: This is an well made product, comfortable and durable.

Dr. Mitch: This is a fantastic utility deck that I highly recommend for the advanced beginner. This is one of those props that become more and more useful as the performer becomes comfortable and creative. However, the back design looks unusual (The spectator response is sometimes, "Oh, they're magic cards.") Additionally, the markings are too basic and people can catch on if given the deck for examination. Finally, the markings are difficult to read from a distance. Still, I would buy it.

Mike Maione: The deck is well-made and feels good when you work with it. But, I'm afraid that for all the reasons noted by Mitch, I would pass on this deck. When I work with a stripper deck, and I do, I want it to be a Bicycle deck, because no one ever suspects they are gaffed. Unfortunately, its easy to guess that these cards are marked because of the complex, unusual back design. Once the spectator suspects the cards are "trick cards" whatever miracles you perform are mitigated. I'd pass on this one.

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